As an educator, I have sought out positions such as Early Literacy and Bilingual/Migratory schooling that strengthen and enrich my teaching. This has reinforced my commitment to engage all of my students in authentic learning activities, emphasizing connections to their own lives and the world around them.

I firmly believe that problem solving skills - defining a question, seeking out and evaluating relevant information, and synthesizing a response - are the most important tools with which I can endow my students. I emphasize experience as an important source of information, and provide my students with the opportunity to encounter new material in a variety of settings.

I seek a position as an elementary school teacher, in which I can continue to grow as a learner and an educator.

My resume reflects my growth as an educator, and highlights the qualities I bring to the classroom.

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This collection illustrates how I have implemented my teaching philosophy in the classroom.

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Transcript and proof of Connecticut certification (grades 1 - 6) available upon request.