My resume reflects my growth as an educator, and highlights the qualities I bring to the classroom.

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This collection illustrates how I have implemented my teaching philosophy in the classroom.

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Transcript and proof of Connecticut certification (grades 1 - 6) available upon request.



1. Philosophy of Teaching & Professional Goals
2. Designing Instruction
3. Lesson Plans, Worksheets & Activities
4. Responding to Individual Needs

5. Sample Worksheets
6. Bulletin Boards as an Opportunity to Learn
7. Thematic Learning
8. Conclusion: What is a Teacher?


I enjoy using bulletin boards as a way to explore ideas with my class. The two pictured below are some of my favorites. This summer, I incorporated a large interactive bulletin board as part of a unit on ponds.

For this bulletin board, students painted watercolors that reflected their knowledge of the landforms and vegetation of the Midwest. Poems pasted on the Conestoga wagons were descriptions of favorite characters from Sarah, Plain and Tall, by Patricia MacLachlan.

To create this bulletin board, students drew portraits of their favorite characters from Sideways Stories from Wayside School, by Louis Sachar, we then used the board to graph the results. Questions on the bulletin board took advantage of the fact that this was where students lined up to begin the day and prompted many discussions. This board was a hit with our class and others who enjoyed seeing how their favorite character had fared in our survey.

7. Thematic Learning